Veggie Paté Burger

"Yes, you could use our Veggie-pate as a Burger Pattie"

Veggie Paté Banh Mi Veggie Paté Banh Mi

Ingredients for a high-protein vegan burger

  • Make a pattie with 115g of Original Veggie Paté
  • Pan fry the Veggie Paté pattie with some olive oil
  • Choose a tender bun like the amazing bun from @northstreetstore
  • Add your favourite topping like the delicious sauerkraut from @_spoonfulofgoodness_
  • Spread some sauce as you like, I choose 's vegan mayo, it is definitely a winner!
  • We picked fresh basil and lettuce leaves from our garden to bring fresh notes.
  • And for a lighter meal, we had it with home made fermented carrot 🥕 sticks instead of French fries.

Bon appétit :)